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There has never been a time in our nation’s history when the voices of ALL people need to be heard. ncluido strives to fill this widening gap in our national discourse.

In Spanish, ‘incluido‘ means ‘included.’ Too often the gatekeepers of today’s media, both traditional and new, fall back on old habits and either minimize, dismiss or stereotype voices different from those traditionally featured in the mainstream.

In these times, where it seems a small minority is dominating the national discourse on everything from immigration, the environment, gender issues, to healthcare, etc., additional (read, different) viewpoints are not being included often enough. We at incluido and all of Treviño TodaMedia feel it’s more important than ever to amplify today’s underrepresented voices.

It is time that our Sunday morning news shows, online media outlets and print publications more accurately reflect the diversity that exists in this great country and that we are all ncluido!

Email us for submission guidelines.